Ascend Triple Touch Fastening Trek & Trail Shoe


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Product Overview

These shoes were made to impress. These footwear brings a resilient look to a classic triple touch fastening shoe. No matter what kind of activity you favour, this Lightweight and rugged high-performance shoe takes you through everything. With fuller fitting and breathable construction, the shoe makes you feel free and easy with protection and stability during wet weather performance. If you like to go the distance, textile upper for stability and PVC outsole adapts to any terrain for overall excellence, so you can take on whatever comes your way comfortably.

  • Triple Touch Fastening
  • Trek & Trail Shoe
  • PVC Sole
  • Weight: 930 Grams/Pair
  • Colours Available: Black/Red, Khaki/Brown/Blue, Grey/Black/Blue & All Black

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review